An Invitation From:

William Shatner

Dear Fellow Explorers,

This is your Captain, William Shatner. It is my pleasure to invite you to join me on a once-in-a-lifetime voyage to the final, unexplored frontier on Earth, the great continent of Antarctica.

When I flew to space atop Blue Origin’s fiery New Shepard rocket, little did I expect that I would be most captivated by the fragile, blue curve of our planet, suspended improbably in the inky blackness of space. All that we have ever loved and treasured is down here, and until humanity, one day, establishes a permanent presence in space, Earth is truly our one and only home.

And yet, there is so much of this planet that remains a mystery. From the roots of our ancient forests with their symbiotic, mycological bedfellows, to the vast worlds under our polar ice caps, so little is known. While we have mapped the planet Mars in greater detail than we have the ocean floor, one place remains out of sight for nearly everyone, and that is Antarctica. So come join me and our host Daniel Fox with FUTURE of SPACE during this festive season of Christmas and Hanukkah, which both are celebrated this year on December 25! You’ll meet my family, NASA Astronaut Captain Scott Kelly, fellow space travelers Audrey Powers and Chris Boshuizen, and a cast of many other luminary explorers as we set out for 10 days on this magnificent Continent.

We will sail on December 19, 2024. I hope you can join us.
Warmest regards,
William Shatner