We are a pioneering initiative committed to redefining our tomorrow in Space and here on Earth. Our vision is bold: to transcend boundaries and transform Space from being a distant frontier into a shared domain that enriches and elevates humanity while addressing Earth’s challenges. Space is simply the continuation of the human story.

Our Mission

FoS is at the forefront of fostering world-shaping debates as Space and Earth’s final frontiers converge. Our goal is to bridge the divide, making our future beyond the Planet and into the Cosmos more approachable and integrated with every aspect of society. Through education, dialogue, and advocacy, we aim to inspire and prepare for a future that embraces where we are going by building from the collective wisdom of our pasts.

Our Approach

We believe in the power of collaboration. FoS unites diverse voices through engaging content, curated events, and innovative platforms, promoting an inclusive dialogue that drives action and innovation for the expansion of our species into Space, for the benefit of Earth, and every place we intend to set foot.

Our Impact

FoS is catalyzing a shift in how Space exploration is perceived and pursued. We’re bringing Space closer to the people, igniting curiosity, making it part of our collective journey, and fostering a generation ready to embrace the Cosmos.

For Humanity. For our Planet. For the Future of Space.

Together on this New Journey

The journey towards a sustainable and inclusive Space future is a collective effort. FoS invites everyone, from enthusiasts and professionals, to policymakers and the space curious, to be part of this grand venture.